Introducing Angostura Symphony - the newest sub-brand for the House of Angostura, one of the most awarded and respected distilleries in the world. The Symphony Series will boast premium private cask releases and blends by the master distiller, John Georges. This first limited released features only 1,800 bottles and will be available exclusively in the Caribbean.
Preoccupied was approached to develop this new product from thought to tube. The team at Angostura needed a name and creative direction that reflected the master blend of rum inside the bottle, as well as the influences and energy found around Trinidad & Tobago that makes Angostura rums so distinctive and respected globally.
We were not only responsible for naming the product, we also developed the identity, typography, creative direction and packaging design of all bottle and tube finishes.
All in all, our solution perfectly reflects the symphony of flavours, aromas and influences of the liquid. It presents an aspirational elevation of this release which any premium spirit connoisseur or collector would be happy to display on their shelf.
3D & CGI was produced by Chris Andrews at Limehouse Sydney.

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