Preoccupied was approached by AVL Wines to reposition their iconic Adelaide Hills wine brand, Nepenthe. The brand had just recently gone through a new positioning and wanted to translate that into a market ready platform for consumers and customers across Australia.
Through strategic planning, Nepenthe arrived at the positioning that their wines are crafted for sharing and sharing fosters real connection.
After rigorous exploration, the strategic anchor we landed on was flow. A state of being when you’re engaged in something you truly enjoy. Sometimes so seamless you don’t realise you’re in it, hypnotised and mesmerised by the focus and the moment, time stands still and you are totally and utterly engaged in the encounter. It’s only when the lights come on or the credits roll that you come to, snapping out of it and land on the other side
Flow represents the energy, the connection and the wine, all intertwined to enrich the experience. Free flowing afternoons, evenings, weekends, lunches, dinners, conversations - ones that stick in your mind and your recall.
Our brand expression of this is: Nepenthe - Let it flow. This formed the foundation of our campaign and brand proposition. Flow comes through in the imagery, the typography and the subtle topography lines that connect back to the flowing landscape of the Adelaide Hills.
Preoccupied equipped AVL Wines with a box fresh platform and campaign and set them up for success in market as they look to roll this out nationally in the months ahead.

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